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An Alliance of Demons

We are the Federation of the New Age, bow to the holy power of Invention or die.

 - The speech the Federation of the New Age gives to those they see as a threat.

The Plane of Magic is a place of many beliefs and ideals. Many Demons will stop at nothing to uphold their own. As a result, many alliances, factions and guilds have been formed; the most prominent ones will be touched upon here:

The Order of the Protection of Time, usually shortened to The Order, is possibly the oldest and the most influential faction in the entire Plane. They are the inventors of time-reading magic and their goal is to make the future a better place. As a result, they've become the closest thing to a government the Plane of Magic is ever likely to have. Their leader is called Master Oracle. They are allied to most other factions.

The Four Horsemen are what equate to the celebrities of the Plane of Magic. They are selected by a tournament that has become so prestigious that almost all Demons have participated at some point. The tournament is separated into four leagues; Famine, Plague, War and Death. I'll get into the specifics about what each individual role doe's at a later date. They are allied to the Order of the Protection of Time, the Pandora Hunters and several smaller groups that aren't worth mentioning. 

The True Horsemen are a group of activists made up from former members of the Four Horsemen. They are the newest group but that doesn't detract from the fact that they are one the fastest growing groups in the Plane of Magic. They're what us humans would consider anarchists; they fight against The Order because they think the future shouldn't be controlled. They are led by a Demon that goes by the name of Marwolaeth. It is said that he killed the previous Master Oracle (12th) but this is yet to be proven. They are allied with no one but still accept members from the Four Horseman Tournament.

 The Federation of the New Age are one of the few religions in the Plane of Magic. Their success may be due to their method of converting people to their cause, this is outlined at the top of this post. Their leader is unknown but they have several spokespeople that 'interpret the will of Technology'. They are enemies with pretty much everyone, multiple attempts have been made to wipe them out but they always seem to come back in one way or another.

The Pandora Hunters are largely regarded as a bunch of lunatics. They actively seek out incredibly dangerous creatures and release them out into the open, this is supposed to make these creatures easier targets. In a few instances this has caused the destruction of entire galaxies. They have no true leader; many Demons have stepped up to this role at times, but, it's never worked according to plan. As a result, they usually operate in small groups of 2-10 with each group governing itself. They are allied with The Order of the Protection of Time and the Four Horsemen, both of which sometimes hire members to aid with certain tasks.

Well, these are the main groups of the Plane of Magic; the first three will be brought up in later posts.

Thanks for reading,

Jarvis Ambler

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