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Making a demon

in order for this Plane to continue, we must die, and leave a new legacy in our stead. These creatures will be of purer magic than our own, and their power will be greater.

 - The speech made by a First Born, (presumably their leader) before the creation of the first Greater Demon.

Greater Demons are complicated creatures. They posses a soul, a magic heart and a Tool. A soul gives them the ability to control magic the heart acts as a storage and the Tool is a conduit and amplifier; put these together and the effects can be amazing, if a little destructive at times.

Most Greater Demons are made by the combination of 4 elemental stones (one of each kind), 1 soul and a million raw magic. The stones form the heart, the raw magic forms the Tool and the soul, well it doesn't change that much. All other Greater Demons consist of creatures that decided to go on a pilgrimage to find everything required to become a Greater Demon themselves. The difficulty of this task means these demons are viewed with awe and respect.

The power of a Greater Demon is determined in two ways, power of it's heart and power of it's Tool.

 The heart grows in power by refining raw magic and storing it within itself. The magic can be refined into six different energies; earth, air, fire, water, light and dark. Each time the heart refines into a specific energy it gains a level in that energy. Each level costing twice as much magic as the last with a baseline of 1 million and a limit of ten levels. When a Greater Demon is made it chooses two energies to refine free of charge. The choice is always one of the four element energies and either light or dark.

The Tool works very differently to the heart. First of all it doesn't refine magic , instead it holds within itself powers that the Demon finds difficult or impossible to use. These powers are limited and specific in their use but can do things that conventional casting cannot. The Tool powers are named as follows: Aura, Poison, Shield, Peirce, Augment and Shot. These powers also have energies applied to them and only one of each power can be applied to a tool at a time. The Tool levels up either by swapping powers with another Tool or creating a power directly using elemental stones and raw magic. Each swap adds the new power to the Tool and in exchange it gives the power that formally occupied that slot. A Greater Demon starts with one level one power and the other five slots empty.

I'll write more about casting and Tool powers in later posts.

Thanks for reading,

Jarvis Ambler

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